Why You Should, Even When Your Appointment Calendar is Full

No one has 100% Client Retention. Don’t miss your opportunity to keep your numbers up. We are often surprised when we see hospitals informing potential clients that they are not currently taking any new clients. We understand being so busy that you want to focus on the clients you have. However, you need to search for / recruit clients now, so they become clients down the road.

Think about the message you’re sending to potential clients. They are too busy to handle the clients they currently have; how are they going to be able to accommodate me and my pet(s). How do I know they won’t just have the same problem again?

Note: Don’t put on your sign that you’re now accepting new clients/patients. It might make you sound desperate for business.

No one has 100% retention! Clients move away, pets pass away, and some pets simply get lost are find new homes. Not to mention the clients that change veterinary offices for other reasons, such as being angry at you and not telling you, or a new clinic opened up down the road, or even money. But, how about this, a competing client advertised and got them in the door with a special, or just by offering them something that you also offer, but your client didn’t know about.

If you stop trying to get new clients, you are losing potential clients down the line; and maybe even current clients.

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Advertising takes time to work and running an advertisement today doesn’t mean a new client will arrive tomorrow. People that see your ad may not even have a pet…today. But, they may have one in two, or even three months from now. If your advertisement works, they will see it again, or they will remember it. Or better yet, it was so good when they saw it, they saved it.

You should be marketing today, for clients and patients tomorrow, next week or even next year. Don’t stop taking new clients. If you are so busy you can’t handle any more clients, it’s time to seriously consider increasing your hours of operation, adding a veterinarian, changing operational procedures (i.e. tech-to-vet ration) or maybe even an expansion.

Run some numbers and see what your client retention rate is. Don’t know how to run client retention rate? We can help.

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