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Idea Pad To Help You Sleep

Idea Pad To Help You Sleep

Why You Should Get One Today

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes; maybe more often than not, wake up from you sleep thinking about all the things you need to take care of during the night. Or, maybe it’s that one thing you forgot to take care of today that is keeping you from falling into your REM sleep cycle. For some, it may be the idea that you’re going to need to have a “tough” conversation with a staff member the next day.

man sleeping in bed with lots of thoughts in thought bubble

For me, I often get ideas about marketing and promotion stuff (I’m a BIG idea guy, a marketing guy a heart) in the middle of the night. Often times, as a creative mind, this keeps me from falling back to sleep very quickly. I am one of those that gets by just fine only getting about five to six hours of sleep every night, so cutting that down by two or three for more than a night or two, can wreck havoc on me.

It Affects Others Too

As you can imagine if I can’t sleep and I don’t get up and go downstairs or into another room, it causes my wife to be awake as well, and that’s not good. I find myself getting up in the middle of the night and I often end up staying up for an hour or two because I can go back to sleep.

I have found that if I keep a pad of paper and a pen lying on my nightstand, I can jot down the highlights when I do have ideas or thoughts that wake me up, and then quickly go back to sleep. It has done wonders for me not getting up during the night and I can review my notes in the morning and add this information or reminders to my calendar. Of course I sometimes just take the note with me to work so I can take care of whatever I was thinking about.

Take Action

If you are one of those that wakes up or can’t go to sleep in the first place, put a pad of paper and a pen or pencil next to your bed. It should be a fairly good size pad, maybe 8.5” x 11” or close. This will allow you to write when you can’t see real well. Try not to turn a light on as this only increases your chance of not getting back to sleep quickly.

When you wake up, write down your thoughts, as much as you need that you’ll remember what you were thinking in the morning. Then, forget about it. Put it out of your mind, knowing that the paper will remember it for you.

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