A while back we published an article titled “Where Have All The Counters Gone?” where we discussed customer service and how it relates to the small things in business. Specifically, counting change back to customers like we use to do years ago. In recent days we ran across a video from a local restaurant. They posted it on Facebook in hopes of finding the person in the video because he is accused of taking advantage the cashier.

He claimed that the change he received was not correct and demanded the difference be given to him. We have added some graphics and text to the video so you can watch along as this man quickly slips money into his pocket and then claims she was shorted.

After making a bit of a scene he was ultimately give, what looks like, an additional $20.00, which he claimed he was shorted. Yes, all this work for $20.00! It really goes to show that it doesn’t take much money to incentivize people to be deceptive. The restaurant worker ultimately gives in and gives this man additional money because there were other customers present and he was beginning to make a scene.

This situation could have been avoided, if only the worker had counted the change back to him. Counting the money as you place it in the customer’s hands would have prevented him from being able to make this claim. The process only takes a few seconds and it can save a lot of frustrations.

We understand that sometimes we get busy and we think it will save time in the long-run, but just think about how much extra time it took for this employee to try and figure out exactly what happened. Not to mention, the added frustration. Even if it take an extra 30-60 seconds to count it out, it is worth it to save yourself all the extra time and frustration.

Unfortunately, we do live in a word where people try to get

We feel sorry for this restaurant worker. Although we cover her face, it is clear that she is frustrated because she knows she gave the change back correctly and she can’t prove it in the moment.

Remember to always count the money back…every time! Avoid the frustration.