Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. To read more about Domain Authority you can read more on the MOZ website at

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The higher the Domain Authority score, the better your website it. The higher Google will list your website organically.

There are a few things you can do to improve your Domain Authority right now. Some things will take longer, but you should begin now.

Have you ever received an email where someone is suggesting a page that you can add to your website because “I thought it would be a great addition to the information you already have and your viewers will probably find it helpful”? Well, they aren’t being nice, they are improving their Domain Authority.

Number 1: increase links going to your site. These people come across as being nice, but for every person that adds a link to their website, the better their Domain Authority becomes.

Number 2: if you haven’t claimed your business on Google, do it now. You can do all kinds of things to improve your listing on Google, using Google – My Business.

Number 3: make sure information on all pages you are able to edit, have your information correct. They all need to be exactly the same. Yelp, Yell, BBB, Local Guides, Angie’s List, Yahoo, YP, CitiSearch, Bing, etc.

If your address is 1234 West First Street, Anytown, NC, 27010, you need to make sure there are no variations of that. 1234 W. 1st St, Anytown, NC. is not good. An incorrectly entered zip code, like 27001 is not good. These type of differences or mistakes really confuse Google and other search engines. They really want to see things the same so they can match you up and get you listed.

Number 4: if you haven’t locked in a name for your business, consider adding the city in which your business resides in your official name. For example Hilton Head Veterinary Clinic and Animal Care Clinic of Hilton Head both located in Hilton Head, SC. This will automatically gives them an advantage over Plantation Animal Hospital, also located in Hilton Head, SC.

Number 5: increase the number of reviews you have and then reply to them all. This is very important. You can add notifications to get notified any time a review is left for your business.

Google is the one company that doesn’t mind if you solicit reviews. You cannot incentivize a reviewer with product, cash or other reward, but you can ask for reviews. Other sites don’t want you to solicit reviews in any way, so be careful. They will tell you their “algorithm” deemed it invalid and not currently recommended.