Practice Development

We’ll create a Total Practice Snapshot for your hospital to get a clear vision of the future.

Note: This requires a hospital visit from us.

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Practice Development

We Come in and Observe

We’re Non-Disruptive

We Provide a Written Report

Changes You Can Make Immediately

How You Can Excel

We Come in and Observe

We come to your practice and spend up to five days observing and talking to all levels of staff.


You can rest easy knowing that we will observe. We work diligently to not disrupt you normal daily operations. We will meet as is appropriate with each team member.

Written Report

After we have left your practice, we’ll compile our notes into a written report that is delivered to you. This Total Practice Snapshot will provide valuable information for your management team.

Changes You Can Make Immediately

Within the report, we’ll provide a variety of actionable items broken into categories that you can take immediately to affect change within your hospital…if change is needed.

How You Can Excel

We’ll identify areas of immediate concern, as well as areas that can allow your practice to excel.

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This process begins with a conversation between your management team and My Vet Mentor. Once we have identified your needs, we’ll schedule a visit to your practice where we’ll spend time observing and speaking with team members.

The Visit

My Vet Mentor typically begins observing on Monday morning and stays for up to five days observing, learning your process and speaking with team members, including the practice owner and management team.

This schedule can be altered to fit your needs if needed.


T.P.S. Report

Your Total Practice Snapshot report will provide detailed information from our observation, and will include a variety of actionable items broken into categories that can be addressed in your timeframe. We’ll provide suggestions on areas in which immediate action should be taken to items that can be addressed as time provides. 

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