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Below is a list of topics available. We have mentoring packages available, but we are able to provide mentoring Ala Carte. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know and we can design a package specifically for your needs.

Client Service

Client Retention (Client Service) – every veterinary clinic and do the same basic services, exams, surgery, vaccinations, dentals, etc. We’ll help you identify what makes your hospital/clinic stand out from the crowd and we’ll work, in conjunction with Battle Cry Revival to make sure we are sending a consistent brand through a variety of marketing channels. We’ll help you get the most bang for your buck.

Client Engagement (Client Service) – we’ll begin with Social Media, but all the work you do here ultimately doesn’t meant a thing if you can’t get clients engaged with your hospital in the real world. We’ll help you identify those things that will get and keep your clients engaged in your practice.

Client Appreciation (Client Service) – you have to show your clients you appreciate them, otherwise they will go somewhere where they do feel appreciated. Whether it is through client appreciation events, thank you cards, welcome letters, welcome bags/packages, or something else, we’ll help you come up with a cost-effective plan that you can work with and continue well into the future. Once you start, you’ll really need to continue it.

Focus Groups (Client Service) – We provide Focus Group events to acquire information for practices that want to launch new services, or to see how the culture of the practice is perceived by your clients.


Mentor Managers to be able to Delegate (Leadership) – Let staff own their position. Let them fail or succeed on their own. It’s hard to do, but once you are able to do so, the benefits are almost immeasurable. Allowing staff to do what they do will get things done in a much better, more efficient way, in turn, freeing up managers to manage. You’ll be amazed at how much time managers will have to do other things. Take on all those additional tasks that they say they don’t have time for.

Management Organization Tools (Leadership) – we’ll share our top organization tools, most of which are free, so that managers make sure they don’t miss things. Managers are holding staff accountable and this helps keep them accountable.

Decrease Staff Turnover (Leadership) – after you get the right staff in, we’ll show you ways to make sure you keep the good ones and keep them happy. Staff enrichment doesn’t have to be expensive, it just must keep staff engaged and happy.

Fair Pay for Employees (Leadership) – Are you paying your staff a competitive salary? Are they happy with their pay? How do you know? We’ll share tools to help you develop your own pay scale to ensure you are being fair in your salary distribution.

Owners vs. Managers (Leadership) – Owners need to be owners and allow managers to manage. Owners hired the person in charge for a reason. We’ll help management understand what owners want from, while at the same time we help managers communicate with owners. Once this relationship become strong and there is trust, the sky is the limit in what the hospital can do. We’ll get you where you want to be. We’ll help develop a communication plan that will include regular meetings, sharing an office, earning trust and getting to know each other.


Total Practice Snapshot (General) – This program is one where we come into your practice and observe and speak with all levels of staff and clients to see how your practice truly operates, or functions. We then provide a detailed report highlighting what we find and present it to the management team. You can read more about this service here.

Hiring & Staff Enrichment (General) – Tools and techniques to ensure you hire right, not hire fast. Where to post, how to interview, what to look for in the ideal candidate. Hint, it’s not skills you’re looking for.

Statistical Analysis (General) – Understanding the numbers you’re seeing. Most Practice Management Software (PMS) systems provide you an endless amount of numbers, but what do you do with all these numbers. You likely should be tracking and looking at more than you currently do. There is an old saying “you can’t change what you don’t know”. We’ll we believe “you don’t know what you don’t track.” But tracking isn’t enough. You should know what to look for and what to do with what you’re seeing. We’ll help you identify trends and act before it gets out of hand.

Strategic Analysis (General) – Know, based on the cost of equipment, if it makes sense to purchase said equipment. And, create plan of action to ensure that any equipment currently in the practice generates enough revenue to merit the equipment. Same process is done when making a decision to purchase new equipment.

Prepare to Sell (General) – If you are looking to sell your practice in the next three to seven years, you need to start doing some things now. We’ll help you get an action plan together to begin systematically attacking those important tasks. We want to help you maximize your profitability so that you can maximize the selling price when the time comes. We’ll also work with managers to help them develop a plan that allows for future growth and a work history that provides continued employment after the sale.

Speaking Engagements (General) – We are available for speaking engagements. We can speak on a wide array of topics, but our specialties are Mentorship and Marketing.


Reviews (Marketing) – We can provide a blueprint or suggestions on how to handle reviews; both positive and negative. Engaging with clients is a great way to expand on client engagement for both current and future clients.

Event Planning (Marketing) – Open Houses, Client Educational Event, Client Appreciation Events. We’ll work to help you plan and market (with Battle Cry Revival) your event. You plan the event, and we’ll help you make it a success.

New Package (Marketing) – Create a Welcome Package specific to your practice for all new clients to receive. Decide what is the right products to include in your new client package.


New Practice Package (Branding) – for corporations. Develop an on-boarding program for any practices that join the corporation.

Branding Development (Branding) – We’ll work with you to make sure you the message you’re sending to your clients is the message you intend to send your client, or potential clients.


Online Store/Pharmacy Consultation (Training) – We’ll share our tips on how to win the battle against the ever-growing Big Box Store Pharmacy outlets. The world is becoming more digital every week, if not every day. We’ll help you develop processes to help you keep your clients in your own online pharmacy and keep them from going to the BIG GUYS!

In-Clinic Training (Training) – We’ll help you identify the areas of training needed in your hospital and help develop a plan to implement your training program.

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