Total Practice Snapshot

Total Practice Snapshot Camera with Hospital in Viewfinder

Our Total Practice Snapshot is a comprehensive report we create and provide to the management team, after we come into your practice and spend up to a week observing operations and speaking with staff about how things are done.

After a meeting with management to get our game plan together, we will come in and remain non-disruptive and find appropriate times to speak with staff about how things are going from their perspectives. We will ask questions based on what is happening in the practice at the times, as well as based on the discussion.

Of course, if you have specific things you’d like us to look at, we are happy to discuss this with you during the planing stage.

We will take our notes and compile a comprehensive report on what we find, offering suggestions on ways to improve your business, including appearance, productivity, staff morale, and more. We’ll provide a presentation in a meeting with management that highlights recommendations on things that can be implemented immediately, as well mid-range goals that you can begin working on but may take time to fully implement. We will also provide additional recommendations that will help your practice really stand out from your competition.

If this is something that interests you, please complete the form below and one of our staff will contact you to discuss the details.

Total Practice Snapshot (TPS)