Practice Coaching

What we do is more than coach Owners and Managers; we help coach the entire team. We believe in order to be a truly successful veterinary practice, and to achieve the goal you set for yourself and the business, the entire team, from owner through all levels of the support staff, all have to be on the same page, working towards a common goal.

The problems is that conveying the “common goal” of the hospital is sometimes easier said than done, and occasionally, coaching is the way to go.

We start with a simple questionnaire for all members of staff and compile results into an easy-to-read report so that we have a starting point. All questionnaire responses remain completely anonymous because staff are sometimes more willing to answer honestly when there is a level of anonymity.

Team Training

Once training needs are identified, we’ll help put together an individualized training program to meet your specific hospital’s needs. We will work with you to create training programs for all levels of staff, in all areas of the hospital.

Speaking Engagements

If you have a local managers group, a management team, or have a special event, conference or workshop, MyVetMentor is prepared to step in and work with you. We work to build and deliver interactive content for the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Management Training and Transition

We understand that often times managers within Veterinary Hospital come from other positions within the hospital and as a result, are sometimes dropped into a “sink or swim” situation. We will work to ensure management is mentored for success. Hospitals spend a lot of time, effort and expense to locate the right management team members, and we want to help you ensure they are poised for success.

Social Media Identification and Coaching

There are a number of Social Media sites available to you; and we mentor you to identify those that are best for your clients and those that aren’t. We then help you create an on-going tracking program for you and your staff to identify what is working and what isn’t so you can streamline your Social Media campaigns for effectiveness. We don’t post for you, we help you identify what is working and what isn’t and help you personalize your sites.

Hospital Branding/Websites (Digital Marketing)

We can help you create a complete brand for your hospital. We’ll work to help you identify the areas of most need and work systematically to create a plan of attack to establish your hospital brand.

Open Lines of Communication

We understand that sometimes email is great, but other times you want to speak with someone face-to-face. We are available for communication via email, phone call, video conferencing and screen-sharing, if needed. We have a combined 40-plus-years in the veterinary field and understand the importance of after-hour communications. We are able to schedule after-hour communication times if needed and if in-person meetings are needed, we are available for face-to-face, meetings at the location of your choice. Not all consultations require in-hospital visits, but we are definitely available for you if this is the right option for you and your staff.

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